In 2020, following the outbreak of Covid-19, Swiftqueue was adopted across Ashford and St Peter’s, Royal Surrey, Royal Berkshire, and Frimley & Wexham hospitals to address patient bookings for walk-in blood tests. 

Prior to Swiftqueue, phlebotomy (blood tests) had a walk-in service across Frimley’s five hospitals. The system was extremely unpredictable with peak times dependant on a variety of factors. With 300-400 patients per day per hospital, the system had reached saturation point with waiting times as long as three hours.

This overcrowding in waiting rooms and increased waiting times led to patient dissatisfaction and increased pressure on staff, leading to Trust staff capacity being overstretched, ultimately resulting in a reduction of job satisfaction and negatively impacted the staff health and wellbeing.​

Swiftqueue is the UK’s leading clinical appointment scheduling platform by Dedalus.  Swiftqueue was chosen by the Trust for its simplicity for both staff and patients to both understand, and is allowed patients to book their appointments remotely, from anywhere – giving staff back time to focus on other aspects of patient care.

Since Swiftqueue’s implementation, the hospitals have seen an improvement of staff morale and wellbeing. A reduction in staff sickness from 13% to less than 1% has already been recognised in the Phlebotomy department of one care organisation. 

Swiftqueue was used by over 200 staff across the five hospitals, as well as utilisation to book Covid-19 vaccinations.  The Trust also uses Swiftqueue as its chosen online booking system for its Phlebotomy Training Academy, which launched in 2021.

“We looked at six patients bookings systems. Swiftqueue offered the ease of use and simplicity for our staff and patients. – Satinder Boparai​ – General Manager Pathology Support Services

“I had my blood test using the new appointment booking system – what an improvement! No crowded waiting room and was out within five minutes.” – Patient testimony

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