At EIDO Healthcare we are committed to helping our customers achieve excellence in the vital areas of informed consent and clinical governance. We provide medico-legally sound patient information and digital solutions to strengthen, optimise and continually improve shared decision-making for treatment and surgery.

With over 20 years’ experience, EIDO’s informed consent solutions are used in over 1,000 hospitals worldwide across five continents, by over eight million patients annually, within 65 per cent of acute NHS hospitals and 85 per cent of acute private hospitals

Our Inform Consent Suite provides a complete range of resources and consent solutions that meet the needs of healthcare professionals and systems providers.

Cloud-based, these solutions have been developed to support health professionals in taking and recording truly informed patient consent. Our focus is on enhancing clinician-patient engagement and experience, improving clinical workflows, protecting organisational and clinical reputations, and ultimately delivering better patient outcomes.

EIDO Healthcare provides patient-centred world class standardised educational material for surgical procedures while our digital solutions help improve patient education, understanding and engagement.

Our documents are extremely easy to read and understand and are made available in over 20 languages, many of which are also supported by high-quality animations that inform patients about their procedures without alarming them.

The EIDO Inform library of 400+ treatment-specific information articles, has been written and peer-reviewed by a carefully selected panel of 100+ specialty expert contributors. It can be purchased directly by hospitals, health authorities, or seamlessly integrated by third party healthcare technology providers into other systems.

The combined delivery of printable PDFs and digital solutions means EIDO is uniquely placed and experienced to support health boards at any/all points along their digital transformation journey.