Public sector respondents to a survey have recorded a 98 per cent satisfaction level with the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) – digital infrastructure that connects over 6,000 sites in Scotland.

SWAN is one of the largest public sector technology programmes in Scotland, delivering a key digital public sector asset that underpins vital services across Scotland. It provides a single shared network and common information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure spanning over 90 organisations throughout Scotland’s entire public sector, including schools, all NHS boards and bodies and more than half of all local authorities. It has delivered over £30m of savings for Scotland’s public sector.

The independently conducted survey shows that in 2021 satisfaction with the service increased across a range of metrics when compared to the previous year including:

  • 100% of respondents saying that their experience of working with SWAN has been beneficial to their organisation compared to 94% in 2020.
  • 98% of respondents stating they are satisfied that the service meets the needs of the SWAN community compared to 96% in 2020.
  • 100% of respondents being satisfied with the day-to-day delivery of IT services compared to 96% in 2020.

The survey was conducted to measure customer satisfaction overall and by customer categories, and to identify future service improvement opportunities. Feedback has improved every year since the survey was first commissioned in 2015.

Mel Buchanan, managing director (SWAN) Capita Public Service, said: “I am delighted that our customers have taken the time to share their views and immensely proud of my team for their hard work, commitment and professionalism that has allowed us to achieve the best satisfaction scores to date.

“Sustained year on year improvement, aligned with positive engagement and collaboration with the SWAN Authority and Members, has enable us to collectively achieve an overall satisfaction rating of 98 per cent, which is truly outstanding.

“The services we deliver across the network affect the lives of millions of Scottish people every day and since SWAN’s launch seven years ago we have delivered progressively better connectivity, support and services for our communities.

“We are committed to continually improving the services we deliver through SWAN to the Scottish Public Sector, through customer experience, diversity across all aspects of our digital portfolio and above all else, the reliability of the critical national infrastructure that SWAN provides.”