With companies facing high staff turnover, and having to either wade through a mountain of CVs or spend significant sums on agencies to do most of the hard work, many are turning to smarter ways to recruit their staff.

Recruitment software, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS), can seem like the answer – however, they bring with them a whole host of new problems. For a start, there are so many systems to choose from, and not all of them offer a complete package.

Introducing eTalent; a completely unique recruitment platform. Unlike other recruitment software, it comes with built-in psychometrics, and uses a simple red/amber/green scoring algorithm to help you identify the best candidates for the job, and recruit based on personality and values.

Psychometrics can help recruiters select the best candidate for the job based not only on things like knowledge, qualifications and experiences – all of which can be set as a prerequisite on eTalent – but also ‘soft skills’, such as attention to detail, sociability, resilience, and empathy.

We help companies save time and money in the recruitment process.

Nik Plevan

For instance, you can put two accountants side-by-side. Both may have the same qualifications, but at the same time possess completely different personalities and behaviour – and both may be right for different jobs or company cultures. So, using standard recruitment processes, how would you choose the right one?

Psychometrics aren’t exactly unheard of, but they are usually something that has to be added to an ATS later on in the recruitment process, making it much more expensive, plus much less effective than if psychometrics is implemented at the very beginning.

eTalent does things very differently. It’s intuitive, cuts through the noise whilst completely revolutionising the recruitment process – and managing director Nik Plevan, understandably, wants to get the word out.

He says: “We help companies save time and money in the recruitment process, and make sure they have all the right information they need to make the right interview choices, and in turn, recruit the best people.”

eTalent is about helping you select the best people for the job quickly, and without any fuss. The platform can be customised to suit your business, and all it takes is some very basic set-up and training before you’re ready to go. The system is robust and dependable, with an ‘up-time’ of 99.9%.  

It’s also possible to integrate eTalent’s psychometrics into other applicant tracking systems – but this is something that would require additional resources and investment.

For companies who need to streamline their recruitment process, eTalent could end up saving hours of valuable time, and help boost productivity in the office. And with clients such as Costa, Balmoral Asset Management, and Smurfit Kappa, the software is already making a name for itself.

With Google for Jobs likely to disrupt the online recruitment space – especially with the upcoming addition of Hire – a recruiting software for G-Suite with ATS functionality – what’s next for Nik and eTalent?

Nik told us: “Our plan is to continue to innovate and add more and more time-saving features to our system – such as interview scheduling and video interviewing.”