Why does mobile connectivity matter?

The rollout of fast and dependable mobile networks has become an increasingly important priority for both Central & Local Government in recent years. Mobile coverage is crucial for supporting emergency response, business operations, social interaction and information access in our interconnected world.

Unfortunately, reliable mobile coverage is still not ubiquitous across the whole of the UK. There remain communities and individuals that cannot access dependable mobile connectivity and its associated benefits. Resultantly, the people living in these areas are less productive, safe and socially connected than their peers elsewhere in the UK.

How can the situation be improved?

The first step in improving mobile connectivity is to map and understand the locations in which mobile ‘not-spots’ are present.

Streetwave is the market leader in providing independent mobile coverage surveys and analysis. Its clients quickly understand how poor mobile coverage is affecting their employees and residents when Streetwave measures the mobile signal quality across every house and business in their council.

How can mobile coverage be mapped?

Streetwave collects mobile coverage data by deploying measurement equipment on council vehicles (such as bin trucks) to gather signal strength and throughput readings at every address in a council. As the vehicles repeat their rounds every week, these coverage maps are then refreshed to show the latest changes in mobile connectivity.

This data is then visualised on Streetwave’s software in an easy-to-understand format so that data driven decisions can be made by council officers, businesses and residents.

How can councils benefit from mobile coverage data?

Councils can gain the following benefits by mapping mobile connectivity across their region:

  1. Identify digitally excluded communities
  2. Inform mobile coverage improvements
  3. Improve mobile network procurement for employees
  4. Empower residents and businesses to choose the best networks
  5. Track 5G rollout across the council
  6. Track 3G decommissioning across the council

Want to learn more?

Streetwave will be exhibiting at Digital Scotland 2023 on the 21st November. Our team will be available to have a conversation about the connectivity issues facing your council and showcase potential solutions.

Alternatively, you can reach out to Streetwave’s Partnerships Director at george.gibson@streetwave.co or visit Streetwave’s website at www.streetwave.co