A techy teacher from Middlesbrough College is putting teachers and parents into the driving seat when it comes to learning about STEM subjects.

Dr Anwar Bashir has developed the SmartCar, a rechargeable battery powered toy car that users can program using cloud software. The SmartCar connects over WiFi and is controlled using an online dashboard. It is aimed at over 12’s.

Dr Bashir, who has worked in IT for over 25 years, had the idea when he realised that there was a large knowledge gap. “I decided to do something about it and created the SmartCar to provide an engaging way to learn,” he said. The car will enable kids and adults to explore some amazing technologies and give themselves the opportunity to think outside the box.

Building and controlling the car using a mobile device is just the beginning. There are plans to create add-ons such as a robot arm. Also many different types web-apps can be built with the online wiring tool, called node-RED.

Dr Bashir’s company Hypersmart is distributing the SmartCar Kit through an e-learning website called topacademy.com. This site will go on to provide a range of courses to support further learning.