If you have a business, you may already know that trying to stand out in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace and being seen by the right people, at the right time, can often be a tough gig.

Phoenix Content Solutions – a content marketing agency in the heart of Edinburgh founded by published author and former journalist Bronwen Winter Phoenix – specialises in helping you do just that.

Delivering holistic content marketing strategies teamed with quality, helpful content, Bronwen’s main focus is on connecting businesses with their best customers. Then, nurturing them with all the right information, at the right time; so they can make more informed decisions, faster.

Her business is founded on the knowledge that buyer behaviour has changed in recent years, and people like to do a lot of their own research before any significant purchase. At least 57% of the buying decision happens before they’re even ready to get in touch with you.

Bronwen said: “Your customers have questions, and they’re typing these questions into Google on a daily basis. By blogging about these topics, and answering their biggest questions, they’ll be more likely to find you. Not to mention, having a pool of useful content on your website means you’ll establish trust and authority for your brand.”

She continued: “Combine this with a holistic strategy that helps convert visitors to leads, and nurtures them with everything they need to know, and your website becomes your best salesperson, and you’ll be unstoppable.”

Content AKA inbound marketing isn’t exactly new, but with a lot of businesses out there still relying solely on more traditional (or outbound) sales techniques, or spending large budgets on competitive keywords via Google Ads, it’s still an incredibly cost-effective strategy.

That being said, digital marketing is always evolving, which means agencies such as Phoenix Content Solutions must stay on their toes, or risk falling behind.

I use a combination of the latest software and holistic strategies whilst ensuring I’m one step ahead of the game…

Bronwen explained: “Innovation is kind of essential for what I do; especially when the likes of Google are constantly moving the goalposts. Right now, I use a combination of the latest software and holistic strategies whilst ensuring I’m one step ahead of the game, in order to give my clients the best value possible.”

In real terms, that value is demonstrated by increased organic search traffic and higher website conversions, leading to more leads and ultimately sales – from customers who know exactly what it is they want and are ready to buy when they first pick up the phone or fill in a form.

This also translates to less time spent on unqualified leads, or worrying about where your next sales are coming from – and more time to focus on all the important things.

So, what’s next for Phoenix Content Solutions?

Bronwen said: “My biggest goal at the moment is to grow my business and expand my client base – as well as achieving unbeatable results by delivering quality content that’s unmatched anywhere else. If I can do that, the rest should hopefully take care of itself.”


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