Responding to recent reports of attacks on telecommunications infrastructure and network companies’ staff being targeted, Derek Boyd, interim director at The Scotland 5G Centre, said:
“Attacks on telecommunications masts and staff being abused demonstrate how the misinformation being spread about 5G online can have serious and dangerous consequences in the real world – particularly given the critical role they play during lockdown”. The Scotland 5G Centre was set up to accelerate the adoption of 5G and realise its economic and societal potential for Scotland. It is an innovative partnership between the University of Strathclyde, the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Futures Trust. To be as categorical about this as we can: there is absolutely no credible scientific evidence to suggest 5G has any link to negative health implications. The frequencies currently involved have been in use for decades and they are well defined, understood, and highly regulated. In the UK, telecommunications is a reserved matter and Public Health England takes the lead on public health matters associated with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, or radio waves, used in telecommunications. Its view is that there should be no consequences for public health from exposure to 5G. It is also worth noting that Ofcom’s spectrum measurement programme found that at every site it analysed, electromagnetic field emissions were a small fraction of levels included in international guidelines set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). Scotland is a global leader in 5G research, with potentially transformative use cases being explored that could significantly contribute to the wellbeing of our society and economy. In stark contrast to what some have said on social media, 5G could in fact improve the provision of healthcare, along with access to a range of public services – particularly for our rural communities. Now is the time for us to embrace new technologies that will better help us tackle this unprecedented challenge, not tear them apart.”