Yakara provides interactive customer-centred, trusted communication; designed with accessibility and usability. Using text and voice messaging, we can remind patients of appointments in a timely fashion helping them to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment in a few easy steps.

When a patient receives a text message their first inclination may not be to click the link and complete the requested action. Everyone is, rightly, wary of scams. However, digital communications can yield huge benefits to organisations and as such are being widely adopted across all sectors.

At Yakara, we work with our clients to enhance their existing contact strategy. We understand that a one-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to patient communications. Each organisation has a different timetable to follow and unique branding. By working with our clients, we ensure consistency across communication. This is one of the ‘bricks’ that we use to build trust. By building trust we increase patient engagement, which in turn improves your patient outcomes. 

First impressions count. When opening a text, patients will immediately notice if it comes from a recognised sender, as opposed to an unknown mobile number or unrelated email address. The message will be personalised and timely; showing that it is intended for them. By asking them to confirm personal details, rather than requesting they provide sensitive data, we continue to build trust. Additionally, there’s no need for patients to remember passwords or unique usernames.  This is made possible by making each link unique to your patient and the specific journey they are being asked to complete.

We ensure that there are no complex portals or pathways to follow. By keeping it simple, Yakara increases the number of patients that reach the desired end state. Just think, how often have you been completing a form, but it takes too long, the children need dinner, the dog wants walked, your next meeting is about to start? By keeping the user journeys short and targeted Yakara increases the number of patients reaching desired outcomes.

Recent data from one of our health clients has shown over 70 percent self-service engagement with our appointment reminders. This has prevented thousands of reminder letters being sent, saving time, reducing pressure on call centres, and helping reduce their carbon footprint.

Using digital communications, you can see results quickly, through live reporting. We find the average time for responding to a message is 40 minutes and almost all who will respond do so within 24 hours.  As part of a wider contact strategy, digital communications can improve patient outcomes.

For more information please contact – maggie.dempsey@yakara.com