Offering a new approach to supporting the lifestyles of independent people.

Crandeen, a subscription-based companionship service, with additional support, offers a first for Aberdeen; a new and innovative approach to supporting the lifestyles of independent people in the city and the North East.

Its knowledge and experience are founded on more than fifty years
of supporting, helping and advising independent people through the work of Abbeyfield Scotland, a highly-regarded charitable body.

Crandeen has been formed to meet society’s changing needs and the expectations of men and women who are fit and able to live in their own homes, who value their peace of mind and professional support when they need it.

“The quality and consistency of home support is important for those who would like to have more say, choice and exibility, in the services they receive at home,” said Karen Barr, chief executive of Crandeen. “We know from our research that people who need a little or a lot of help much prefer living in their own home, but with the option of having access to companionship and support if they need it.”

Choosing the right home support is a challenge, points out Karen,
and for those living alone, socialis- ing can be really dif cult. Often the availability of services depends on assessed needs, packaged offers with

little time to add that extra comfort that makes you feel like a human. Budgets might not stretch far enough, leaving out the very people who really need help.

“Our diverse range of options can help you to put together the tailored support package and lifestyle choice that gives you, or your family, peace of mind,” said Karen.

“Crandeen Companions can simply give our clients their time by keeping them company. We can also help clean the house, care for clients’ plants and pets, and provide health care. Crandeen is a companion, dog-walker, good listener, personal shopper, gardener and much more.

“For people who are busy, ill, disabled, lonely or elderly, and would like to have a say on the services they receive, or shape their lifestyle to suit them – if they need help around the home, or want to get out and about, or need personal care, our companions can support them in all those ways – Crandeen is the ideal company.

“We want clients to have control over their life, and the services they receive, so our unique subscription- based companionship service is
a there for them, on their terms. Crandeen is fundamentally based on companionship; that is at the core of everything we do.”

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About Crandeen and its values

Offering a subscription-based service of companionship, with additional services to support a fulfilling lifestyle meeting needs and aspirations.

Crandeen Companions are the face of the business, and at the core of what Crandeen does; creating trusted relationships with customers and leading in the provision of services.

Professional and compassionate, with a proven track record of excellence. Innovative, unique and making a difference.

Home services for independent people

Crandeen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abbeyfield Scotland, building on decades of quality services – now delivered to people in their own homes

  • Offering choice and companionship, available across the city of Aberdeen and the North East.
  • An a la carte choice of high quality home and personal support services.
  • Professional, experienced staff; companions with time to dedicate to individual needs.
  • Support tailored to individual needs and wishes, provided by companions selected specially for their professionalism, natural compassion, reliability and personality.
  • Companions will have the essential knowledge and experience, but critically, they will have time to become friends – to chat, to help and to advise.
  • Premium service which will provide unparalleled commitment, dedication and support.
  • Ensuring that those who choose Crandeen can be assured of peace of mind as they live the lifestyles they chose, in the comfort and security of their own homes.

Crandeen’s range of services

General counselling; Befriending; Social interactions; Gardening; Window cleaning; Shopping; Dog walking; Arranging access to meals; Enabling of cooking and serving; Assisting with security; Assisting with small repairs; Arranging repairs/ maintenance; Cleaning; Welfare checks; Advising and assisting with domestic equipment; Assisting to engage with others (professionals, social); Arranging adaptations; Budget and debt management; Money advice and benefit claim; Assisting with relationships/ disputes; Resettlement and move-on; Telecare health/ systems; Responding to alarms; Brokerage of other support services.