Industry analysts and business opinion leaders alike agree that cloud computing offers the scalability and business agility necessary to succeed in this modern global economy. Moreover the potential to cut capital expenditure, as well as tie IT costs more closely to trade volumes, makes for a compelling business case. They also see the value in any time any device access that cloud based business applications offer and yet still some businesses hesitate. The fear is often that of replicating past mistakes; of creating siloed IT systems in the cloud, half-jokingly referred to in the industry as “your mess for less”. And it is true, if implementations do not start from the perspective of real business needs, the end result can be a raft of poorly integrated cloud based point solutions.

Eureka Solutions, a leading provider of Cloud Software understands the many advantages Cloud Technology can offer to businesses and the challenges businesses have faced in selecting and deploying the right cloud applications to avoid these issues. Appreciating the importance of being able to access real time information wherever you are, and the need to eliminate silos, the company works closely with clients to deliver projects that meet their individual requirements using NetSuite, a cloud platform for building end-to-end business systems.

“We supply software, but it’s much more than that,” said Aileen Primrose, the Sales and Marketing Director.

“It’s about deploying a whole project, solving business issues and implementing a software solution which enables our customers to grow. Our proven successful process always begins with a ‘discovery phase’; understanding the needs of a company, the pain points and how a business engages with its customers. The information gathered during the discovery phase with a company is vital for us in fully understanding their business and ensures we recommend the right solution for them.

“Once we have recommended the correct solution, we will demonstrate how the system solves their issues as well as showing the real value that can be gained by implementing the solution.

During the implementation phase we work closely with them through deployment; migrating data, configuring and if required, customising the solution for them. Once implemented, we then provide training and on-going support for the customers.

“The move away from on-premise systems to the cloud makes it much easier for personnel to access
vital business information anytime, anywhere, and can make informed decisions based on what they are seeing in real-time. It’s simple to view KPI reports and really increases efficiency allowing businesses to respond to customers quicker and more effectively than ever.

Furthermore, we have found that users are enthusiastic to work with this technology as they have come to expect instant, mobile access to every- thing in their personal life.”

Current chairman, Alistair Livingstone, founded Eureka Solutions in 1996, focussing the company on two
core principles; technical excellence and customer service. It has established itself as a leader in mid-market enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI).

Aileen continued: “As a business, we recognised that cloud solutions were the future of business software solutions and are essential for increasing efficiency and productivity. We chose to partner with NetSuite, the world’s number 1 ERP cloud solution because this offers us the potential to work with start-up companies as well as large global enterprises.”

“NetSuite’s scale and ability to execute are unsurpassed and can support everything from emerging companies, public companies through to some of the largest global enterprises. Almost every new IPO over the last several years is running on NetSuite which is a testament to innovation! Eureka Solutions chose to work with NetSuite because it is Proven, Reliable and Scalable, enabling us to develop long term customer relationships.”

To complement the work done with NetSuite, Eureka Solutions also has a team of skilled developers working on its own products, for example, software that seamlessly integrates different cloud systems, which will help to expand Eureka Solutions into new international markets.

“We engage with businesses on what their challenges are, what’s holding them back, and take them on a journey where they can really see the efficiencies and competitive advantages of
our business systems, operating in the cloud,” said Aileen.

Eureka Solutions supported company growth for:


A major benefit for VG Energy in implementing NetSuite is the ability of office-based and field staff to access information from their system, from one integrated database in real time. Prior to implementing NetSuite, the company was very much reliant on spreadsheets and manual processes and following a period of hyper growth for the company, it was no longer an adequate solution. The chosen product implemented was NetSuite SRP. VG Energy provide a full turnkey solution for any renewable project whether wind, solar or biomass and has sold more than 300 wind turbines and are established as the UK market leader for selling and installing wind turbines ranging from 6kW to 2.0MW in size.


With NetSuite, SRSL can manage every aspect of their business from tracking enquiries, leads, prospects and customers as well as project activity within one system. In addition, it can take control of its own financial management and is not reliant on the parent organisation for this aspect of

operations. The solution chosen was NetSuite Mid Market Services Platform which includes CRM, Advanced Financials and Project Management.

SRSL is the commercial subsidiary of the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and was an existing CRM customer of Eureka Solutions. SAMS, the parent company is a charitable and academic organisation that works with many other academic institutes throughout the UK and beyond but is mainly affiliated with University of Highlands & Islands (UHI). Prior to implementing NetSuite with Eureka Solutions, SRSL had managed their own sales processes however SAMS managed all of the accounts, orders and projects for SRSL.


With offices in Glasgow, London and New York, an integrated solution was essential for Smarter Grid Solutions. This fully integrated cloud solution ensures the database is accessible from any of the company’s three offices in Glasgow, London and New York. Prior to project implementation with Eureka Solutions, SGS was handling its financial management in multiple systems including spreadsheets and Sage 50 and was using MS Project for project management. The solution adopted by SGS was NetSuite including OpenAir, One World, and Contract Renewables module for Project and Financial Management. Another major advantage for SGS is the ability to automate as much of its billing process as possible which was a key factor in the choice.

Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) provides intelligent solutions and services to the energy industry which allow large organisations to harness the power of renewable energy without having to replace their existing grid. Projects include hardware, software licenses, professional services and ongoing support.


By integrating existing systems with NetSuite OpenAir, Agenor are able save time and duplication of entry between systems.

Agenor provide change management consultancy around system implementations and migrations for large organisations. The business has both full time employees and work with sub contracted consultants to fulfill projects. Projects are generally large scale and long term.