A leading video-based learning content producer has announced the launch of a new series, which is being offered to schools and families for free, to help young people navigate puberty.

ClickView’s ‘The Next Stop, Puberty!’’ content provides schools with ‘credible, reliable information and resources’ to support the teaching of what can be a ‘challenging topic’.

The new series is designed to address the biological, social and emotional aspects of education around sexuality and boasts diversity in ethnicity, body shape and gender.

Teachers using the content in class are given guidance on engaging young learners with age appropriate and evidence-based information, to help them to provide a gentle and supportive approach that will help normalise the topic.

According to ClickView, various studies have highlighted that the age onset of puberty has fallen – meaning children now experience hormonal changes at a younger age – which can have ‘profound and detrimental consequences’ on their mental health.

The ‘The Next Stop, Puberty!‘ series will help young teenagers make sense of the changes they are experiencing, both physical and mental, and be able to deal with them in a ‘more constructive and positive’ way.

One of the contributors, Nelly Thomas, is an award-winning comedian, presenter and the author of three children’s books including ‘Some Girls’, ‘Some Boys’ and ‘Some Brains’ which celebrate neurodiversity. 

Michael Wilkinson, managing director of ClickView UK said: “The major physical changes of puberty can often overshadow the less visible but equally important changes taking place below the surface. Feedback from our schools highlighted the support that teachers and families need with addressing this potentially difficult but important topic.

“Our video-based series provides short three to five-minute clips that emphasise to young people that puberty is just a natural stage in their life, with no singular ‘normal’ experience. Students will discover that everyone changes and develops at different times and in unique ways.

“We have created learning content to tackle the topic with sensitivity, respect and humour, providing an honest view for upper-primary students on their journey towards adolescence.”

Separate clips about physical and mental changes in females and males are provided so that teachers can run lessons with single-sex classes if required.

The new next stop puberty series is available for any primary educators to use via a free landing page at https://www.clickview.co.uk/free-teaching-resources/puberty/.