With the use of Mosaic, Servelec’s case management software, Dundee Council has been able to better understand the needs of its service users and provide staff with a single digital view of each case. The software has been a vehicle for change for Dundee City Council, delivering a shift in the way services are brought to Dundee’s citizens.

As part of Scotland’s Digital Future mandate, the Council has transformed the delivery of its health and social care services by enabling social workers to focus on vulnerable adults and children by creating a single view, real-time digital case management platform.

Using Mosaic, which was brought in to replace existing in-house systems across Adults, Children’s, Criminal Justice, Finance and Education Services, social workers can access their case load quickly from one platform, reducing desk time and enabling them to spend more time with clients. With the mobile case management software, workers have easy access to information and tools wherever needed.

Mosaic’s Best Practice Configuration provided Dundee Council with a set of forms, workflows and statutory reports to speed up and simplify implementation. Added functionality, including those around relationships and chronologies, has enabled a deeper connection between cases. Using Mosaic to ensure that the Council’s processes are aligned with the relevant timescales of Single and Multi-Agency Protection investigations has meant that procedures are tighter and easier to navigate for service users and Council staff.

Mosaic provided us with a good foundation to build upon; it also made us realise that there were some improvements we could make to some of our current business processes.

Dundee City Council.

For the first time in Dundee City Council’s history, information for service users is held in one place and they have access to the right information at the right time. The forms in Mosaic are easily adaptable, ensuring the Council are able to customise quickly when Scottish Government make legislation and requirement alterations, minimising any delay to service users.

Servelec is leading the interoperability agenda across health, social care, youth services and education. A number of councils in Scotland are already working with Servelec to integrate social care case management information with incorporated health systems, improving data sharing for the benefit of service users.

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Servelec: Together for Digital Care

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