A tech event that took a break for two years comes to a close in Edinburgh today as it seeks to bring together tech entrepreneurs with investors.

EIE24 has spread itself across three venues in the city – Edinburgh Castle, Dynamic Earth and the University of Edinburgh – as it bids to attract top UK and international investors.

The events are designed to pair emerging Scottish tech startups with sources of capital from some of the large national and global funds.

Duncan Martin, lead executive for EIE24 and director of entrepreneurship at The University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Centre, emphasised the importance of growing the tech ecosystem in Scotland by supporting and improving these relationships.

He said: “Our role at EIE24 is to develop and grow an environment where authentic connections can happen between founders, investors and ecosystem builders, so everyone’s expectations are aligned and companies receive the support they require to scale. This has been a key driver in planning this year’s event. 

“There is a perception among some investors of a lack of viable, growth-ready companies in Scotland to invest in. We need to help address this – there are many ambitious founders with innovative technologies that could be the next big thing. 

“EIE24 is more than just a platform for companies to showcase their technology and tell their story – its purpose is to bridge the gap by facilitating those genuine conversations. For investors, it’s a unique opportunity to get a curated look at some of the best investment prospects Scotland has to offer, all under one roof. And for founders, it’s an opportunity to show their worth.”

EIE24 – which began yesterday and culminates today – features presentations from nearly 30 technology-driven companies spanning sectors including sustainable energy, healthtech, fintech and more.

Ecosystem partners will introduce the companies they have identified as ready to be put on the global stage. In addition to presentations, the event includes a series of networking sessions, panel discussions and insightful keynote speakers.

Professor Mark Logan, the chief entrepreneurial advisor to the Scottish Government, and author of the Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review (STER), welcomed the event.

He said: “The return of EIE as an in person event is most welcomed and will help to establish and grow relationships.

“It’s a key time for the Scottish tech ecosystem, and I am particularly excited to be part of this year’s event. EIE24 has a greater focus on a smaller number of high quality companies, as well as on developing connections between founders and investors, which is vital if we want to encourage investors to return.”

Previous EIE events have supported over 540 companies, helping them go on to raise more than £1.2 billion in downstream funding. Successful alumni include globally significant companies such as online safety business Cyacomb, which counts the Home Office among its customers and whose latest round of investment raised £6.5 million, and sustainability software company Earth Blox, whose technology supports some of the world’s biggest financial institutions as well as NGOs working towards a sustainable future.  

The relaunched EIE24 event is delivered in partnership with the Data Driven Initiative and represents a cornerstone of the region’s £1.3 billion Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.