LapSafe® is the UK’s industry-leading expert in providing innovative and proficient charging solutions for assets in volume as well as intuitive self-service smart lockers

LapSafe® has designed a range of intelligent Smart Lockers that are both innovative and flexible, designed specifically to meet and exceed the demands of today’s work and learning spaces.

With so many workflows to choose from LapSafe®’s Smart Lockers offer services such as ‘Pick-up and Drop Off’ ‘Break/Fix’, ‘Loaning’, ‘Hot Lockers’, and ‘Deployment’ of assets without the need for staff intervention.

Power can also be provided to each bay making the loaning of fully charged devices such as laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks a breeze ensuring users always have access to the ‘best charged’ device.

This modern solution has proven to be hugely popular across many businesses, schools, colleges, and universities. With an impressive amount of case studies and testimonials to support the brands’ success. The name LapSafe® has become synonymous with safety, quality, and being a trusted brand leader.

These easy-to-use, self-service smart lockers provide staff and users with the freedom and flexibility to manage their day without the need for additional staff to ‘check out and check in’ devices freeing them to fulfil their duties.

To the delight of IT departments, the LapSafe® Smart Lockers can be connected to the network enabling monitoring and updates to be conducted simultaneously and remotely. Guaranteeing an ease in workload.

LapSafe® uses its own cloud-based management platform called Onarken®, which gives the administrators the power to track and monitor the assets within the smart lockers as well as control the user’s accessibility.

Onarken® can be completely customised to suit specific business needs and their lockers are available in a multitude of sizes. 

LapSafe® works closely with its many Business Partners such as HP, Stone, and XMA to supply universities and colleges with smart locker solutions and is currently dominating Scotland by proudly supplying nearly all higher and further education institutions.

Having already taken the education industry by storm, LapSafe® has also quickly become a trusted brand within the public sector; currently working closely with the NHS National Services Scotland to support its device deployment solutions.

Public sectors such as London Ambulance, Midland Fire Service, RAF, and British Transport Police, have all selected LapSafe® as their trusted provider; encouraged by the unit’s robust build, ultra-safe power management, high levels of security, and wide range of functionality.

Where specific requirements need to be fulfilled, LapSafe® designers work with the customer to produce bespoke units that match specifications and budget.

LapSafe®’s products are designed in-house, and they are proud to manufacture in Britain as well as support local businesses. LapSafe® will be attending FutureScot’s annual Digital Scotland conference on the 21st of November 2023, where representative, Rob Tanner, will be available to provide information, answer questions, and discuss suitable solutions.