A new chair has been appointed to the national digital skills group in Scotland – to nurture future talent in emerging technologies such as AI, cloud, robotics and augmented reality.

Cameron Lepper takes up the role on Skills Development Scotland’s Digital Economy Skills Group (DESG), an industry and public sector partnership aimed at boosting the country’s digital capability.

Lepper is head of cloud commercial and optimisation at education software company Tribal, and takes over from Ross Tuffee who spent three years at the helm working with the other 25 DESG members to influence the delivery of the vital digital skills needed in Scotland. 

His appointment comes at a time when technology, and the impact on skills and jobs in particular, is big news with the fast-paced rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“The world is changing and changing fast. Even I find it hard to keep up sometimes!”, said Lepper.

“My job and that of the DESG is to make sure we shape and nurture our country’s future talent so we can exploit opportunities offered by new technology such as AI, augmented reality, cloud computing and robotics.”

He added: “I want to see a Scotland where technology is accessible to all, and the opportunities it presents are recognised on a global scale as fair & equal, irrespective of background, gender or individuality.”

Phil Ford, head of digital economy and financial services for SDS, said: “Cameron is a long-standing member of the DESG so he knows exactly what needs to be done, and he can hit the ground running. I look forward to working with him and the other amazing DESG partners to implement our recently launched five-year Digital Economy Skills Action Plan.”