‘Real-life Iron Man’ plans to visualise flight data for audience at TEDxGlasgow

Richard Browning, dubbed ‘the real-life Iron Man’, is due to take flight in his human propulsion suit at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow on Friday, as part of a TEDx presentation. Data on 15 variables emanating from the suit’s six jet engines will be streamed to the audience during the flight, with visualisations provided by analytics firm SAS.

They will display flight characteristics, such as engine performance – information which is usually only visible to Browning through his DAQRI heads-up display helmet. Browning and his team are using data analytics to predict engine failure and improve the suit’s design.

Browning has risen to fame in recent months, generating media coverage in more than 100 countries, through appearances at the global TED conference in Vancouver, Berlin’s recent CUBE Tech Fair and numerous live flights featuring his company Gravity’s Daedalus Mark 1 propulsion suit.

On Friday, TEDxGlasgow will host its fifth annual event at the SEC Armadillo with more than 1,700 attending this year. It will be the largest audience to witness an indoor flight using the suit, which will take place in the neighbouring Hydro after the conference.

“We’re massively excited to bring Richard to our 2017 event,” said Gurjit Singh Lalli, curator of TEDxGlasgow. “His invention is leading the way for human-powered flight and is an incredible example of the power created by the connectivity of entrepreneurs and businesses. Both his talk and the following demonstration promise to be a spectacle and inspiration to our audience.”