Winning firms tackle public sector challenges

Software companies are to develop potential solutions to a range of issues covering the environment, transport, education, health and social care.

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution, Derek Mackay, yesterday launched the ‘accelerator phase’ of CivTech, a project which aims to address challenges in the public sector.
Since going live in June this year, CivTech has received more than 80 applications for the first six challenges set by three public sector organisations.

The three-month accelerator phase will be held at CodeBase, one of the fastest growing technology incubators in the UK, to take advantage of its expert network. Eight companies will embark on a process of product and business development.

The challenges and winners

– Improve air quality in urban areas: Node on the Edge specialises in understanding complex data through intuitive interfaces.

– Make flood forecasting better: RiverTrack specialises in Apple, Linux and embedded micro-electronics platforms.

– Health and social care data and analysis : Symphonic Software harnesses the power of data held in complex environments.

– Make data publications more accessible: Wallscope allows exploration of rich data sets held by NSS.

– Promote tourist destinations along the A9: Learn to Love Digital will help tourists make connections with passing landscape.

– Technology to design smart roads: xDesign aims to detect potholes before they happen.

– Cyber security: Wallet Services simplifies BlockChain for business and government.

– Cyber education: Diddo focuses on improving users’ ability to secure their public information.

– Homelessness: StreetChange will enable members to raise finance for basic needs.