Dewar Cyber Consulting is a specialist firm providing high quality cyber security simulations, exercises and training with a unique difference – all of our activities are non-technical. We know that taking care of your cyber security can seem overwhelming – but leaving it behind can mean your systems and teams are left vulnerable to security threats.

DCC has three areas of work, each tailored to suit our customers’ needs. 

  • Our exercises are designed to help you understand not only your needs, but how your processes, policies and procedures operate. Ranging from 2-hour guided workshops to full-day facilitated activities, DCC has a range of activities to suit the requirements of any organisation.
  • Our simulations are fully immersive and hyperrealistic. Using a specialised online simulation platform, participants experience first-hand the effects of cyber-incidents in real time.
  • Our policy research is conducted using high quality academic techniques to provide the most innovative solutions for our clients, while advising international policy.