At Insource we specialise in data management solutions to the NHS. We harness the power of disparate data to drive better patient care, streamline operational efficiencies, and extract essential insights from across the hospital, health board or complete ICS.

With over 20 years’ experience we’ve dealt with acute, community, mental health, cancer, GPs, ambulance and all specialist areas.  Our revolutionary cancer tracking solution, live in NHS Highland, is bringing unified data on a patient’s full care journey, direct to the frontline clinical teams for swift care planning, next steps and smooth treatment regimens.

Our ground-breaking technology brings all the detailed pathway data, previously locked into various IT systems, into one place – despite the legacy infrastructure. This accurate single version of the truth can then be shared by clinicians and managers for system-wide care coordination, elective recovery and better patient care.

More than 60 trusts, health boards, ICSs and independent providers rely on our powerful data management solutions to enable informed trust-wide management, ICS insight and control, and partner solutions innovation.