Oxehealth is a global leader in vision-based patient monitoring and management.  We help clinicians to deliver safer, higher quality and more efficient care.

Our Oxevision platform, including a contact-free optical sensor, enables staff to plan patient care and to intervene proactively to help patients. 

Oxevision provides staff with a wider range of clinically validated early warning signs and risk factors than any competing technology,  the ability to check the patient visually before choosing their intervention.

Our Oxehealth Service supports customers to deploy the Oxevision platform to use it to create proactive, data-enabled systems of care that deliver not only a step change on deploying the system but also year on year continuous improvement in safety, quality and efficiency.

The Oxehealth Service is relied on by one in three English mental health trusts as well as acute hospitals, care homes, skilled nursing facilities, prisons and police forces in the UK and Europe.