Rarely has a technological advancement stirred as much enthusiasm and anticipation as the emergence of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). It is set to change every aspect of our lives profoundly in the next few years. 

And, the emergence of this technology in the workplace, affects business models, ethics, workforce planning, and service delivery. 

Amidst the excitement, there’s one key question: how can organisations plan for changes that are so profound and rapid? 

Sopra Steria Next’s GenAI research initiative is at the forefront of exploring this question. Our recent discoveries shed light on the impact that GenAI is set to have on various aspects of society and the economy. 

Using this insight, we’ve set out a roadmap for change so that leaders and changemakers can act today to prepare for tomorrow. 

Understanding the AI landscape 

AI encompasses a spectrum of technologies, including machine learning, deep learning, and notably, GenAI. These allow systems to perform tasks that traditionally needed to be done by humans, such as understanding natural language, recognising patterns, learning from experience, and making decisions. 

GenAI is software that can create original content – anything from a chatbot response in a conversation to an essay with illustrations, or even video with a soundtrack. This is what has drawn significant attention in recent months. 

Amid the excitement surrounding GenAI, maintaining a balanced perspective is paramount. While GenAI holds immense potential for transformative change, it’s vital that decision-makers exercise caution, conduct thorough assessments, and manage expectations. 

GenAI is generating hype for a reason. According to Forbes magazine, ChatGPT is the fastest growing internet app of all time. However, realising the full potential of GenAI will require patience and strategic implementation. 

Now is the time for organisations to take a breath, understand their organisational strategy, and anchor AI within it, taking a holistic approach to determine where it can truly add value.  

Roadmap to GenAI Adoption 

With the AI landscape evolving rapidly, proactive planning and decisive action will have a lasting impact.  

Key steps that organisations should take now are: 

  • Understanding AI and creating a grounded strategy to ensure you drive the right value for your organisation. 
  • Building the foundations that enable the successful adoption of AI, by improving your organisation’s data, and considering policy, ethics and values in relation to AI.  
  • Driving the right focus to find meaningful change and benefits, by considering customer and employee experiences, workforce strategy, and target operating models. 

The journey toward GenAI adoption presents unique challenges. Unlike traditional technology, GenAI implementation necessitates a fundamental shift in organisational roadmaps. 

However, resistance may stem from concerns about job displacement, ethical considerations, or uncertainties surrounding AI’s implications.

In our latest Digital Ethics Outlook, 52 per cent of respondents were concerned about future job losses, with the figure rising in younger respondents, and 55 per cent were concerned that GenAI isn’t fully understood yet.  

To facilitate transformational change, organisations must foster a culture of trust, agility, and early buy-in. Embracing AI’s potential requires addressing ethical concerns, nurturing innovation, and cultivating a supportive environment for experimentation. 

Embracing the future of applied AI 

As we navigate the path toward next generation innovation, one thing is clear: AI’s potential is vast and multifaceted. But it can be overwhelming.  

By adopting a holistic approach, prioritising ethical considerations, and fostering a culture of innovation, organisations can unlock new opportunities and drive sustainable growth in an AI-driven world. 

Our AI hothouse offers an accelerated and immersive one-day session for leaders. If you are seeking to demystify AI, understand its implications for your organisation’s future, and develop a roadmap for action, reach out to jackie.smith@soprasteria.com

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