Edinburgh company Codeplay Software has announced it is working with Renesas, a leading Japanese semiconductor company, to enable their next generation of advanced automotive processors.

The technology will be included in future cars that interpret the surroundings and safely take control to avoid accidents or aid with driving functions.

This new relationship will also attract at least 30 new software jobs into Edinburgh, further enhancing its reputation for attracting high-tech employment.

Next generation

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is already available today in high-end cars providing functions such as adaptive cruise control and self parking.

The next generation of this technology will relieve the driver of even more responsibilities, including steering, avoiding accidents and leading, ultimately, to a fully autonomous car.

15 years’ experience

Codeplay’s software is using its technology and experience applied to games and mobile phones over the last 15 years to enable Renesas’ latest automotive processors with an advanced vision processing and machine learning platform.

“Codeplay has already worked directly with the world’s greatest processors providing advanced software solutions” said Andrew Richards, Founder and CEO of Codeplay Software, “We are excited to be enabling Renesas great products. It endorses the company’s product and the leadership reputation of the software engineers”.