Turing Talks first Scottish event to use Conversation Starter app

On 13th June this year Edinburgh will play host to a unique conference: Turing Talks. This is a one day conference which will bring together the Tech and Development industries to disrupt traditionally held views on development.

person using conversation starter app

When organising Turing Talks, the Turing Trust was looking to help attendees make lasting connections, enabling them to continue to challenge the way we change our world with the synergies they generate. To do this we made sure Turing Talks had multiple networking opportunities throughout the day, including a reception held at the University of Edinburgh Business School, which will allow guests to share ideas and projects and make the right connections.

However, no matter how long you allocate, networking time is of little use if guests aren’t meeting the right people. We realised that in trying to change the world, we had to challenge ourselves and so at Turing Talks we wanted to rethink how we could foster productive networking. In step Conversation Starter.

Conversation Starter is a unique networking app which allows guests to make the right connections.  Attendees create a profile and register their topics of interest before attending the conference. They are then able to see what other guests want to discuss, organise a meeting and come together at designated meeting points.

Dries Hendrickx, Sales and Marketing Manager at Conversation Starter said: “Conversation Starter was originally created by the organisers of a big TEDx conference, to enhance the networking at the event. The users were very impressed, and wanted to use the tool at other events as well. Since then, Conversation Starter has facilitated over 15,000 meetings in at events all over the world.”

Not only does Conversation Starter facilitate meetings at the conferences it supports, 76% of users have reported following up on one or more meetings after the event, showing how, by optimising networking, Conversation Starter makes sure that attendees get the most out of the day.

The platform has enabled optimised networking at a variety of conferences, from community events, to large corporate functions.

We were inspired by how productive Conversation Starter has made networking at past events. Turing Talks was created as a space to share ideas and disrupt the way we change our world. We want the conference to be a place where synergies can be created and relationships fostered and believe that Conversation Starter is the way to do this and are excited to be the first event in Scotland to use the platform.

For tickets visit the Turing Talks website or Eventbrite page

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