Scotland’s gaming economy grew by 27% last year according to industry organisation TIGA, and to ensure sector growth continues the nation requires an engaged and skilled talent pool, say sector leaders.

Its success can in part be attributed to the excellent range of gaming courses available; universities such as Abertay and colleges such as Glasgow Caledonian are producing graduates that attract companies to the country or  whogo on to develop start-ups.

BAFTA Young Games Designer workshops are playing their part in developing the next generation of budding game designers and are providing young people in Scotland an opportunity to take the first steps in what could lead to further education in the sector or a career.

Aspiring young game designers have the opportunity to attend workshops run by BAFTA at this year’s Resonate Total Gaming festival from today through to Sunday.

The annual gaming festival which takes place at the SEC, Glasgow, will host to a series of workshops run by BAFTA. The Young Game Designer Workshops are for 10-18 year olds and used to inspire and encourage young people to create and develop games, learn new skills and gain insight from industry experts.

Melissa Phillips, games programme producer at BAFTA, said: “I am always amazed by the fantastic ideas we see from young designers whoat tend our Young Game Designers workshops.

“Games are a brilliant way for people to express their passions and share personal stories or interests in new and inspiring ways. Many talented young designers who reach the annual BAFTA Young Game Designers competition come from Scotland and I’m excited to see what new concepts and prototypes are sent to us for 2019.”

Lyndsey McElwee, resonate event manager, added: “In the Year of Young People, the arrival of the BAFTA Young Games Designer workshops at Resonate Total Gaming, highlights the important role that Scotland’s young people play in the industry.

“We want to encourage young people to get involved in games creation and these workshops can create a stepping stone to develop vital transferable skills and open up a variety of career opportunities.”

The festival also provides an opportunity for younger people to immerse themselves within the industry with access to independent developers showcasing their work.