Edinburgh-based pureLiFi, a global leader in using visible light for wireless communication, is to supply its technology to Indian firm Wipro Lighting to develop applications for the communications and lighting market in Asia.

A statement said that Wipro Lighting will now “kick-start efforts to add a new revolutionary LiFi lighting concepts to their portfolio of innovative products”.

The company is part of the Wipro Group, a global information technology company which “harnesses the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies to help clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful”.

Wipro vice-president Anuj Dhir said:“As a leader in LED lighting solutions, we need to ensure we are providing our customers with the gold standard in lighting innovation. Our partnership with pureLiFi will provide the technology that will ensure we are at the cutting edge of the LiFi technology revolution.”

The company recently opened a digital ‘pod’ in Edinburgh “purpose-built for Wipro’s digital strategy, design and engineering teams to work in a collaborative and adaptive workspace, along with clients”. Other locations include London, New York, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Madrid, Mountain View, Munich, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Bangalore and Tokyo.

LiFi is a high-speed bidirectional fully networked method of wireless communications using visible light rather than radio frequencies. Its developers say that it can offer significantly greater security, data rates and densities to support more robust and reliable wireless networks that complement and enhance existing cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Harald Burchardt, pureLiFi’s chief commercial officer, said: “Working with LED lighting forerunners like Wipro will help us bring LiFi to life in Asia and drive a new wave of connectivity that can offer unprecedented data and bandwidth.”

Global Market Insights has forecast that the worldwide market value of LiFi will reach more than $75bn by 2023.