Infinity Works, one of the fast-growing UK software consultancies, has opened a new office in Edinburgh after winning a second major client in the Scottish financial services industry. 

The company specialises in large-scale, critical IT systems and works with blue-chip organisations on digital transformation programmes. 

In financial services, it helps lenders to grow by leveraging the latest cloud technologies within the constraints of a heavily regulated sector. 

Infinity Works won its first banking client in Edinburgh in 2017 and has become a key partner for this household name. It won a significant new account this summer with another well-known bank headquartered in the city. Clients include health and care providers, such as NHS Digital, supermarket groups, banks, delivery companies and online gaming giants.

Infinity Works has leased private offices at WeWork in George Street to base its growing team of software engineers, technical architects and technical leads.

The company employs 10 people in Edinburgh and expects to double this headcount over the coming months. 

Paul Henshaw, co-founder and director, said: “George Street is a showcase location and will help us to continue to attract great talent in a competitive market. 

“While we are no longer technically a start-up, we still try to reflect the start-up culture and mentality and our new set-up keeps that way of working and thinking close to our heart. 

“It also allows us to host and sponsor fun meet-ups for the tech community to get together and share knowledge about the latest technologies.

“Ultimately it underlines we are a serious grown-up business in Edinburgh now and it is a brilliant opportunity to build a fantastic new Infinity Works operation in a great city.”

The five-year-old company is headquartered in Leeds and has offices in London and Manchester for a growing workforce of over 400 people. Revenues will exceed £30m this year. 

Recent projects in financial services include the design and delivery of cloud infrastructure for open banking, reporting regulatory compliance and mobile banking applications.