A leading digital education content provider has announced the launch of a primary school product in Scotland to meet the rise in demand for video learning as a result of the pandemic.

ClickView’s new series offers access to a comprehensive range of engaging videos, specifically designed for the primary classroom.

There has been a significant surge in video consumption across many sectors since Covid struck, from online streaming services, which increased by 31 per cent in 2020, to mobile apps including TikTok.

According to ClickView, this wider trend has changed the way students consume information. A vastly increased number of teachers have utilised this by integrating videos into their lesson plans, classrooms and homework tasks.

More than half of students – 58 per cent – are now using online videos to learn new skills.

Councillor Ian Perry, education convener for City of Edinburgh Council, believes ClickView is fulfilling a “growing demand” for digital learning resources in schools.

He said: “The launch of ClickView is another step in our journey to bridge the educational equity gap, ensuring every student and teacher in Edinburgh has our commitment and support for an inclusive, innovative, and transformational education, which can be sustained inside and outside of the school gates.”

Yasmeen Naeem, principal teacher and digital coordinator at Cramond Primary School, believes video content in the classroom is “essential”.

She said: “ClickView is an excellent way for teachers to spark interest to launch a topic, great for information… you can get discussion started…and I don’t always need to be there for learning to continue. I think schools will definitely see an impact on learner participation, engagement and results, from standardised to formative assessment because the video content is tailored to suit their needs…Learning outcomes will improve.”

Michael Wilkinson, managing director of ClickView UK said: “For many years we have worked closely with secondary schools and colleges across the world; more recently we’d noticed a trend of our local authority users asking for content for their primary schools.

“As more schools recognise the power of short curriculum aligned videos in engaging and inspiring children to learn, this demand for first and second level content has increased, particularly during and post lockdown. After two years in development, including research with a wide range of primary schools, the new ClickView primary product is now live and available, and I am confident this will be a welcome addition to primary classrooms and beyond across the UK.”

ClickView is already supporting over 2,000 primary schools, including for all schools across Edinburgh, Inverclyde and South Ayrshire through their local councils, but this is with technology designed for the secondary school experience.

The new service is a result of the company “completely re-imagining” its product for the primary classroom, following research and focus groups with a wide range of user and non-user schools.

ClickView’s library of videos and resources provides schools with learning content which is mapped to the Curriculum for Excellence and spans a wide range of subject areas, from maths and science to history and languages.