Scottish Water has announced a partnership with digital transformation firm Atos “which will place technology and innovation at the heart of Scotland’s water supply and waste water management”.

The company will work with Atos and Capgemini to deliver IT services “providing technology solutions to help the utility manage its country-wide activities”, it said in a statement. The announcement of the five-year partnership, which begins in September, was made after a competitive tendering and procurement process.

“To ensure that Scottish Water continues to deliver in an ever changing world, we are delighted to be entering into an exciting new technological landscape with world-class digital partners,” said Rob Mustard, Scottish Water’s director of digital. “We want our networks and systems to be as reliable, resilient and as secure in a world where digital technology has become the cornerstone of everyday life for billions of people.

“Data, information, analysis, digital applications and processes are critical to how we deliver 1.35 billion liters of water a day and treat 945 million liters of waste water. They are key elements of how we continue to play a vital role in the life of millions of customers – at home, in business and at play – every day, around the clock.

“Our new approach will improve not only how we use technology to produce and deliver water but also enhance our customer insight to ensure what we do is as effective as possible and that communities continue to get the best possible service, of which they can be truly proud.

“As we continue to consider the future of water and waste water services over the next 25 years, through the Shaping the Future public consultation, it’s clear that being a digitally-enabled organisation will underpin our performance. Matching our delivery against the needs and expectations of our customers has never been so important – our new partners will be instrumental in helping Scottish Water get there.”

Atos and Capgemini will deliver a range of services across Scottish Water from delivery of customer-focused IT services to its core IT infrastructure and applications.

Gavin Thomson, senior vice-president for Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and the firm’s lead on big data and security, said: “Atos is proud to have entered into this agreement with Scottish Water, which will help truly transform one of Scotland’s leading organisations and enable it to reap the benefits of digitalisation while meeting the future needs of the Scottish public.

“This not only reflects the success of our Scottish business and commitment to future investments, but Scottish Water’s ambition to be a leading provider of efficient services to customers through digital automation.

“Across Scotland, public services are on a transformative journey to ensure they deliver services effectively and efficiently while securing high levels of customer engagement.  Like Atos, Scottish Water has a digital vision for the future and, thanks to this new agreement, stands ready to turn this vision into reality.”

Paul Margetts, UK chief executive of applications services at Capgemini, added: “Scottish Water and Capgemini have been working successfully together since 2008 and we’re delighted to now have the opportunity to help maximise the value of IT to transform Scottish Water into a digitally-enabled organization where customers, employees and assets are seamlessly and effortlessly connected.”