Stirling technology company thinkWhere is setting its sights on global expansion with the launch of a new web-based system to provide easy access to digital maps and data – theMapCloud allows maps, data and business records to be accessed anytime, and anywhere, through a web-connected computer or mobile device.

It uses standard web browsers so users can view, retrieve and share maps, geographic data and other open datasets. It also provides a platform for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other web applications and can be used for online data services and software.

theMapCloud has been developed for organisations that require better access to, and easier sharing of, geographic datasets. At the moment, digital maps and geographic data are held in a wide range of formats and structures across different stakeholders making it difficult to share the information easily.

It provides a solution for government, local government, infrastructure companies, map publishers and utilities. thinkWhere also offers a range of software applications and services to help organisations successfully migrate to hosted solutions using theMapCloud.

It has been developed over the last two years in association with a number of key users in the UK and the USA. It has already been implemented by the Scottish Government to provide access to mapping by around 100 members of the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) and other adopters include the British Library, US-based Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and the humanitarian NGO, People In Need.

The company has also utilised theMapCloud for its own ecommerce data store. Called mapTrunk, it is an intuitive web service for purchasing OS MasterMap and is an example of the type of mapping application which can be built upon theMapCloud.

It now also provides the data services for their web GIS products, Location Centre and groundMapper, directly from theMapCloud platform. Looking ahead, the company will continue to enrich the range of geographic and digital map data available on theMapCloud as well as provide an extending range of data, analytics and software services.