techUK has today published its 2019 manifesto, Towards a Better Future, setting out how the next government should use technology to deliver a better future.

The tech sector is the UK’s great modern success story, growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy. techUK argues that the smart use of digital technologies across the UK will be key to meeting the biggest challenges that the country faces in the years ahead. The manifesto calls on government to put technology to work to make things better for people, society, the economy and the planet.

To do this, techUK is calling the next government to meet five core objectives:  

Build the smarter state to transform public services
Drive innovation and investment in the digital economy 
Ensure a safe and secure online world 
Expand skills, talent and opportunities for the future 
Put the UK at the heart of the global digital economy

In its manifesto techUK sets out 25 recommendations to achieve the five objectives, including:

Appointing a named ministerial champion for digital transformation in each department,
Tackling the climate emergency through a net zero tech taskforce, 
Introducing a digital media and literacy curriculum for all primary and secondary school children,
Creating a skills brokerage platform to help people interested in entering the digital workforce access the training opportunities they need,
and for the new government to establish the UK as a major campaigning nation for free and open digital trade.

Julian David, CEO of techUK said: “To move forward towards a better future, we will need to be optimistic about the opportunities, but also realistic about the challenges we face.

“The UK must build on its success and, not only be the best place to start, to grow and scale a tech business, but also lead the world in using digital technology for good – to make things better for people, society, the economy and our planet.

“This manifesto, through its five clear objectives, sets out how the next Government can make this happen. Together, let’s work towards a better future.”