I was invited to speak at Digital Woman Scotland 2018 and during the conference I heard many voices from women in tech advising that they were finding it very difficult to return to positions within the digital/cybersecurity tech world.

As a new business also moving forward into the cybersecurity/tech area, it is important for us to consider the barriers/challenges that are present today for women returning back to work.

  • We need to increase our understanding of how best to support these women;
  • We need to increase our understanding of additional training that will be required;
  • Most of all, we need to be flexible on working hours and working from home.

Zortrex is a start-up bringing new cybersecurity solutions for tokenisation and blockchain to market. We need technically astute women who have the right knowledge, skills and experience that we can train in this new exciting technology.  Help them move forward and excel within our company in this new digital era.

Many of these women had taken a career break for different reasons, mainly whilst they had their family.  I heard similar stories over and over again, which has brought me to looking at the benefits of flexible working conditions for women returning back to work.

What did shine through from these women were their;

  • Skills
  • passion
  • motivation
  • determination
  • education
  • industriousness

This led me to think about the importance of the employer brand and the reputation of this brand is increasingly important in today’s new era.

If you recognise yourself here, then Zortrex would love to hear from you. We are holding a networking event at our offices in Lothian this evening, to see if we can all stand together, work together and most importantly learn together and move in unison into this new era.

If you are interested to come along this evening between 6pm  and 8.30pm and tell your story and network with other like-minded individuals, I would very much like to meet you. Please email me susan@zortrex.co.uk to secure your place.