Construction companies face increasing pressure to provide a plethora of handover documentation which meets their legal and contractual requirements, often turning to professional consultants such as Dunfermline-based Riddell PM, for support and guidance.

These requirements include a comprehensive list of project handover documentation such as Building User Guides, Logbooks, Building O&M Manuals and more. Riddell PM takes full responsibility for managing, producing and delivering these critical path documents.

According to Managing Director, Dave Riddell: “We take the weight of responsibility to manage and co-ordinate with multiple sub-contractors and consultants to obtain and deliver the handover documentation 100% on time.

“Accuracy is key and we strive to ensure everything is 100% complete and 100% error-free.  Furthermore, we meet ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our mission is to guarantee our customers receive flawless documentation every time.”

He explained: “Early involvement in a project is essential due to the lengthy and complex documentation assembly process which is often misunderstood by our clients”.

Riddell PM’s most popular product is called Pyramid Digital Building Manual®.  Pyramid is an integrated digital building information system holding large quantities of data required for day-to-day operation and maintenance of buildings. This system is cloud-based which allows building owners to navigate quickly to the information they require and can be accessed from just about anywhere at the click of a button.

Dave added: “We’re always looking to develop new digital products which bring value to our clients’ operations. Already we have created innovative products such as Subsea Cable Database for the power and telecoms marketplace and Campus for Clients with multiple buildings in ownership.”

One driving force behind the introduction of the Campus Digital system was that it allowed the client, Heriot-Watt University, to free up valuable storage areas and to back up years of hard copy building O&M information, which could potentially have been lost for example through fire or flood.

UK Customers of Riddell PM are also able to access and retrieve historic project information as far back as 1999, that’s already held on their secure systems. This feature is particularly useful for contractor customers who may be involved in hundreds of projects each year.

However, Riddell’s true value is so much more than the sum of its parts. Dave explained: “Seamlessly absorbed into your organisation, we become part of your team, providing a continuous flow of data to your organisation. The results are highly advantageous and invaluable to large companies, and we go through a detailed and thorough QA processes ensuring all the boxes are ticked.”

Riddell PM work across the UK on construction projects covering several industry sectors, including Building Construction, Water Supply & Treatment, Manufacturing, Airports & Railways Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Finance & Banking, Healthcare, Education and Sport & Leisure.

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