Stirling Council has launched a digital local information sharing platform designed to help its citizens “lead long, safe, happy and healthy lives”. Developed in partnership with Glasgow-based Frog Systems, it brings together health, wellbeing, social care service providers, businesses, groups and activities, and visitor attractions in one local directory – for the first time in the UK, said the council.

Frog “builds upon the self-directed support model” by connecting citizens with the local service providers and groups within the Stirling area who provide the services and support that they require. “It also provides a powerful promotional and communication channel for the many locally run support, activity and special interest groups that struggle to gain visibility within their communities,” said the council.

Stirling Council leader, councillor Scott Farmer, commented: “The development of Frog further cements Stirling’s focus on using digital and interactive technology to enhance the services that it provides its citizens and visitors alike.

“Stirling Council is a passionate advocate of effective information sharing and of providing individuals, families and communities the information they need to help themselves.

“We want to ensure that every person within the area wishing to join a club, find a tradesman, seeking health support or simply planning a day out has easy access to current and relevant information at the click of a mouse. We are therefore urging all of our local service providers, businesses and visitor attractions to get a listing on Frog as soon as possible.”

Cal Dunan, founder and chief executive of Frog Systems, said: “Frog has been developed on the simple premise that citizens need better connectivity within their communities and local authorities tell us that they need to signpost their communities to services and support that can help people lead long, safe, happy and healthy lives.”

The Frog platform features a ‘Care and Support’ area that is curated by the council and is designed to provide practical solutions for the most commonly requested services.

Frog also includes the ‘Champions Cinema’ which harnesses the power of peer support, by allowing people to upload and share their own personal experiences and journeys on video to help others who might find themselves in similar situations. Local employment opportunities and a what’s-on events section will be added to the platform within the coming weeks.

Polly Rodger, integration engagement officer with Stirling Voluntary Enterprise said: “It can be difficult for people to find information about the activities or supports that are available in their communities, making it more difficult for people to get involved in community life. Frog will provide the framework to share accurate, local, up to date information in one place that will enable people to connect with others in their community and across the Stirling area.”

Cal Dunan added: “Frog adds a new dimension to social media by bringing people and communities together in the physical world. Unlike other platforms such as Facebook, Frog connects people within a defined UK Local authority area enabling people to network and find services, support, groups and activities on their doorstep.”

Local Stirling area social care providers, support groups, local businesses and tradespeople can upload listings here.